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    On Zealand and the islands of Møn and Lolland-Falster you can experience The Middle Ages and the Vikings close at hand. Visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, get a taste of viking life at sea and sail like a real viking. Take a trip to the The Medieval Centre and see life in a Medieval town anno 1400 with knight tournaments and launching of ballistas (medieval catapults). Or why not visit The Land of Legends where you, in the summer, can spend an exciting holiday back to the past.

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    Formidable sword fights, breathtaking knight tournaments, impressive war machines, fascinating viking ships and historical artwork. Find out more about your ancestors - visit one of the many attractions focusing on vikings and the Middle Age.

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    Gedser is the southernmost town in Denmark, but it's another couple of kilometers till you reach the souhternmost point: Gedser Odde at 54° 33' 31'' north. Sydstenen marks he southernmost point in Denmark and Scandinavia.

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    Viking markets, knight tournaments and viking ship sailings. There are many possibilities to get close to experiencing the way our ancestors in Zealand and Lolland-Falster  lived.

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    In the south west corner of Zealand six market towns form a natural circle which is a obvious bike route running from town to town. The route offers old castles, active commercial towns, old castles, pulsating harbour life and the presence of history – in brief, something for everyone.

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    The Life is Sweet Panorama Route is ideal for families - it takes you along quiet roads along the cove, up and down hills, through small villages with timber-framed houses and rural idyll. It offers fun activities for children and places to eat. The route can be combined with another Panomara Route, the 'Take the Family Exploring' Route, for a total of 42 kilometres.

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    Being 16 km2 and having more than 30 km of coastline makes Fejø the largest of the three inhabited islands in Smålandshavet north of Lolland. It has a costal, slightly curved landscape. The fertile and clayey soil provides excellent conditions for fruit trees for which the island has been famous for many years. Jump on the ferry from Kragenæs where, after a 15 minutes sail, you will arrive in an island where time seems to have stopped and you can enjoy peace and quiet.

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    This tour takes you deep into the forests and far back in time. You cycle right through 3 of Midtfalster's forests with the scent of the forest floor and spruce in your nostrils and to the sound of swaying beech treetops. Evidence of our history appears on the way: burial mounds, embankments and the seat of an ancient court.

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    The tour around Jungshoved is an excursion into romanticism. Cycles glide silently under the beech trees and the view from the top of the peninsula looks out onto the calm blue sea. Thoughts and feelings flow freely here, where we follow in the footsteps of the romantic writer of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen and the powerful Gønge chieftain.

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    Being the north easternmost island in Smålandshavet, Femå is just a 50-minute boat trip away from Kragenæs in Lolland. The island is renowned for two major events: The Jazz Festival and the Women’s camp, attracting many visitors to the island each summer. But Femø is much more than liberated women and jazz music. The wonderful nature and atmosphere is relaxation for soul and body. There are also lots of sights to see whether you’re cycling, hiking or yachting. You should leave the car and experience Femø the best possible way: by foot or by bike. Welcome to Femø

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    The 'Take the Family Exploring' route means ice cream on the beach, games in the forest, wide salt meadows, gnarled trees and beautiful Nyord with its winding streets, galleries and good food. You travel through beautiful northwest Møn along quiet roads. The route is disabled-friendly for hand cyclists. Combine the route with the Life is Sweet route to give you a trip totalling 42 kilometres.

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    Breathlessness is the word on this Panorama Route. The route takes you through some of Denmark’s most breathtaking scenery. Magnificent views across cliffs and sea, winding and undulating landscapes with pastures and forests. The very hilly route will make you breathless and sweaty – but don’t despair. The rewards will be great!

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    Stevns' Cliff is both beautiful and dramatic. On a summers day the chalk at the sea bottom colours the sea azure whilst the cliff stands white topped by the green treetops.

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    On the lovely islands of Lolland and Falster lay no less than 7 Market Towns, which all still oozes of historical charm, but who also have a lot of modern facilities and cultural experiences to offer. The towns are situated not far apart, which makes them an obvious choice for a cycling route.

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    Throughout Zeeland, Møn and Lolland-Falster you will find a number of Christmas markets to put you in the right Christmas spirit. Visit the Christmas market in the co-operative village where you will be able to see what Christmas was like at the time of your great grand-father. And don’t miss Christmas in “Birkegårdens Haver” , where the beautifully decorated Christmas garden is illuminated by 120.000 candles.

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    If you and your family feel like breaking old habits and if you plan to experience something out of the ordinary for your next summer holiday, the Land of Legends offers a travel in time where you become a family of the past for a week. During your holiday you will get a lot of knowledge about how the way of life was for people of the past and you will have lots of fun and solve practical tasks. Unusual challenges and shared memories awaits you!

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    What did they eat in the Middle Ages? Find out by visiting inns and restaurants serving old nordic food.

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    Tour de Falster offers fantastic views, wonderful landscapes and many adventures along the route. Enjoy the cosy market tows, the many beaches and sights. Make a halt by the sea or in the woods or take a detour at sea at one of the small ferries or in a canoe.

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    Møn's Cliff is one of Denmark's most beautiful nature experiences and also the most famous and visited place on Møn. The light chalk slope rises more than 100 meters vertically towards the sky and make an dramatic end to the otherwise soft landscape of Møn.

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    You will find Sejerø an hours sail from the coast of Odsherred. Nature, vegetation and fauna is unique and Sejerø is on of the places in Denmark with the most sunshine. The island boasts several burial mounds from the Bronze Age and to the north west of Sejerby there is also a monolith. From the lighthouse or one of the hills you can, on a clear day, enjoy a view of Jutland. The mild climate, the hilly landscape and the many small beaches make the island a popular place for holidays and outings.

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    Knuthenlund – Denmarks largest organic farm On Lolland’s fertile earth, near the town of Maribo, you will find Denmark’s largest organic farm. The farm inhabits 600 milking sheep and 150 milking goats, which delivers milk to the Estates dairy every day. The dairy produces milk, yoghurt and prizewinning cheeses, which have placed Lolland on the world map with medals at both the World– and European Championships. Read more about Knuthenlund Estate 

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    The Clifftop Drama cycle tour is world class. There are magnificent views and quiet roads, white chalk and rich black soil, relics from the Cold War and stone heated by sunlight. We have created a full and varied cycle tour for you, where you may like to stop and experience things on the way, but choose your stops well, there's a lot to see! In 2010 Stevns' Cliffs were accepted as a candidate to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    "Fun on the pedals" is all about having fun! It is a tour where children - and grown-up children – are challenged by speed, river storms and flights. The 18 km-long cycle tour takes you through small villages, past the pumping station, go-kart track and the best play areas.

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    On the Fjord and Fossils route you cycle close to large and small wonders of nature. High in the sky over Præstø Fjord you see breeding water birds. At your feet, you follow adder tracks between lingonberries and heather, and at the bottom of the sea you go fossil-hunting for 65-million-year-old shark’s teeth among azure lakes and white chalk.

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    The Baltic Sea route is a wonderful 800 kilometre long bike ride - it sounds long if you picture yourself and the rest of the family on the bike day in and day out. But it is nothing like that...

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    All the highlighted bike routes and all the small and big experiences you get while underway, contribute to making Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster an ideal place for cycling holidays. Nature is outstanding, from the flat landscape of Lolland, over the hilly middle af Zealand to the dramatic cliffs of Møn and Stevns. A more beautiful cycling experience is hard to find.

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    On Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster the nearest attraction or experience is never far away. Whether you like wild animals, thrilling roller coasters or ferocious vikings we have a lot to offer.

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    “Smoked lamb culotte with garlic served with speltotto and strawberry salsa”

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    Food experiences, cosy inns with regional dishes and restaurants in a gastronomical class of their own - here you'll find it all! The soil makes the area ideal for the production of good ingredients and  whether you are looking for asparagues, carrots, apples or pears, you'll find the best flavours in Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster. On this page you'll find inspiration for food experiences and good ingredients as a theme.

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    Copenhagen is world-renowned for its biking culture. The pretour starts here and takes you on a two day trip south of the Danish capital and to the islands of Zealand, Møn, Falster and Lolland along the National Bike Route No 9 – leading all the way from Berlin to Copenhagen.   We stay two nights at Hotel Klinten in the picturesque small village of Rødvig on the coast of the Baltic Sea and from here make day excursions to places of interest and accommodation. Fully detailed programme will be sent to interested participants.

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    When the ambition is to put Præstø om the map, things have to be thought through. Whether you are on a cycling holiday, at a conference or celebrating a wedding, it's the whole experience your recall as a guest at Frederiksminde hotel.

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    At Knuthenlund Estate you will experience the concept "from soil-to-table". Smell the wild herbs, pat the animals and be part of the process from field to stable via milking to handmade and price winning cheeses.

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    Kernegaarden on Fejø is an organic farm with a local production of sheep, apple juice and cider. Drop by the production halls and follow the production at close hand. Be tempted in the well-stocked farm shop or maybe try a farm holiday at Kernegaarden?

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    Frederiksdal Estate lies under mild skies at the westernmost point of Lolland. The estate has become famous for the tasty cherry wine. The cherry trees were close to being cut down until a coincidental meeting changed the fate of the cherry trees and news opportunities arose.

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    If there was a competition for the most beautiful cycle tours in Denmark, the Sund Route would be one of the finalists. The tour around Guldborgsund passes through beech forests, villages and majestic countryside - for the most part with a glimpse of the strait

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    “Lamb from Knuthenlund in a bitter setting”

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    “Pasta with medium smoked salmon and bisque mounted with plums”

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    “Spring at the Goose Tower”

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    “Dalbakkegaard-Ramson-Jerusalem artichokes”

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    This wonderful Christmas time Zealand, Moen and Lolland-Falster have loads of activities on offer. Below you will find a number of activities – and there are more to come!

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    If you follow the international cyckling route no 7 it's 630 km from Copenhagen to Berlin. Your trip between the two capitals takes you through unspoiled nature, you get close to the sea and you will get loads of experiences and discoveries.

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    Mrs. Hansen's chocolate near Haslev is an experience for all senses. Mrs. Hansen has a wide selection of more than 45 various mouth melting chocolates in different shapes such as for instance animals or cars.

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    Rasmus Kofoed is born and bred in Vordingborg. In 2011 he won the world championship for chefs - the golden Bocuse d'Or. He normally makes his magic in the kitchen at Restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen, but hasn't forgotten where he - and many of the good raw mateials he uses - come from. Here are his suggestions for a number of golden experiences in his region and also discloses some of his own "secret places".

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    “Roast confit of pork belly with parsley, beetroot and compote of blue potato”

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    Nekselø is situated in the Sejerø bay between Sejerø and Odshedded facing Havnsø. The island is just 4 km long and 1 km wide and is known for a unique flora and fauna The small ferry M/F Nexelø takes you from Havnsø to Nekselø in 20 minutes.

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    The Coast to Coast route gives you the best views over Falster's two coastlines. Between the coasts you'll experience close-up the peace of village life. In the old market town of Nykøbing Falster you can enjoy your lunch – like the Russian Tsar Peter the Great did back in 1716.

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    The christmas season is near, bringing spruce, gifts and candy. On Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster there is lots to do during the christmas season. There are christmas markets in lovely and historic surroundings on the beautiful castles and manors. At some of the attractions there are special christmas activities and in the churches of the region you can listen to beautiful christmas concerts. On this page we have collected the best holiday season experiences.

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    The beautiful nature on Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster invites you to long hiking trips and the sound of silence. Experience all the villages, small towns, smallholdings, estates and burial mounds amongst wild plants and abundant wildlife.  Have a great trip!

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